The Pursuit of Business Excellence: Practices in Managing Men, Materia...

The Pursuit of Business Excellence: Practices in Managing Men, Material, Money,

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Flow of knowledge, enormous experience spreading in lush campus of School of Management Sciences, Lucknow in the National Conference on “The Pursuit of Business Excellence: Practices in Managing Men, Money, Material, Machines and Methods”.

Conference took its jump start by the enormous registrations at the reception.

Inaugural session was started with the blessings of Mata Saraswati with lightening of lamp and Saraswati Vanadana. The dignitaries took the dias – Mr. R.K. Sharan (Regional Director PHD Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Sanjay Gupta (Senior VP, India and Mea HCL Technologies Limited), Dr. C.M. Dwivedi (Director on Board, Datamatics), Mr. Sharad Singh (CEO and Secretary SMS, Lucknow) , Mr. Barttanu Kumar Das (HR, Blue Dart Express Limited), Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Mehrotra (Director, SMS, Lucknow). The start was made by the welcome note of Dr. Manoj Mehrotra.

Dr. Mehrotra made its welcome mark by introducing the conference theme and motive. He also made a count on recognition of School of Management Sciences, Lucknow. As a HR Personnel Mr. Barttanu Kumar Das represented the HR wing of management by emphasizing that men are the base by which rest of the Ms can be utilized at the maximum. He also gave the importance of leadership qualities and other important personality traits of personnel in an organization for excellence.

Mr. R.K. Sharan introduced each and every M for achieving business excellence by discussing the intricacies of them. Mr. Sharad Singh, CEO and Secretary School of Management Sciences, Lucknow marked the various benchmarks of the college in terms of awards, accolades and recognition. He also extended the importance and motives of the conference.

High Energy in themselves as well as transfer of energy to others in team, good execution of all processes are the important buzzes for business excellence as said by the Director@Datamatics, Dr. C.M. Dwivedi.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta as a pioneer of turning UP to “futuristic UP” anticipated the growth of state and journey of HCL in the state. He emphasized the importance of introspection by saying that ninety percent of the development of an individual is done by himself the motive and importance of institute lies in the way of teaching and overall environment.

“Try to learn new things, learn new things from competitors, teachers then nobody could stop you from growing. Now the government is also with you and there is immense potential in our state also of jobs and obviously growth.” These are the words Mr. Yasir Shah at the conference at the gurukul called the School of Management Sciences, Lucknow.

Prof. (Dr.) B.R.Singh extended thanks to all on the dais and all present. At the end he emphasized on the environmental issues prevailing in the modern day world. The session also included unveiling of the conference souvenir.

Technical Session I – Conference @School of Management Sciences, Lucknow
Technical session one of the two day national seminar was illuminated by the presence of Mr. Aditya Vidya Sagar (President – Project, Smile Park Industries, Limited), Mr. Pradeep Tandon (President, Business Development Lalitpur Power Generation Co. Ltd.) , Mr. Chandra veer Singh (Ex. VP Tata Daewoo and Tata Motors), Mr. Kumar Lalit (GM-Head HR, IR and Admin, Tata Motors, Lucknow) Mr. Ashish Jehurkar ( Head HR, Power Products and Business Solutions Sterlite Technologies Ltd. ) on the dais.

Mr. Pradeep Tandon started his speech by saying that business excellence is not only the systematic use of quality management principles and tools in business management, with the goal of improving performance based on the principles of customer focus, stakeholder value, and process management but actually it is a quality system for achieving superior business results, improving processes that actually leads to excellence. In addition to this he deliberated valuable suggestions for achieving excellence.

Mr. Kumar Lalit deliberated on excellence with special reference to Tata Motors. Like, he said that Tata motors have a concept of self directed teams with 12 to 15 workmen who have sunrise meetings not only for safety but also for day plan. In fact they related all 5Ms with safety, delivery, quality, and cost for excellence. In fact Tata has devised a SDT maturity model.

According to Mr. Ashish Jehurkar, employee engagement literally means emotionally attached, enthusiastic, committed, confident and work above and beyond employee. He also discussed the novel concept of GPW i.e. Great Place to Work. He buzzed by saying that challenge the norm if you want to get success. Engaged workforce means reduced absenteeism, increase retention, productivity and profitability.

Mr. Aditya Vidya Sagar emphasized on the excellence of mind of a man and usage of time with maximum efficiency.

Technical session II @ Conference, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow
The session was blessed by the aura of Mr. R. K. Mishra (Asstt. Director (H), Central Region Office of Development Commissioners Handicrafts,. GOI), Prof. M.A. Usmani (Ex-Principal ICCMRT, Lucknow), Dr. Saritprava Das (Associate Dean-ITM, Business School Mumbai)

Prof. M.A. Usmani defined the word very beautifully as JUNOON as the key to sustainable growth. He deliberated excellence as a word that cannot be periphered by any means.

Dr. Saritprava Das took the pedagogy to talk in terms of stories. In addition to this she also blessed suggestions for sustainable excellence in organizations. She deliberated the importance of satisfied employee which in term leads to satisfied customer for the overall sustainable growth of organization.

“There is no other way of success other than learning. Everybody dreams. Learn and Fulfill your Dreams.” These are the words of Mr. R.K. Mishra who is looking after dreams of people who idolize hand made crafts. The down to earth attitude and relatedness with common man made this deliberation a very special one. Mr. Mishra extended the actual meaning of excellence in simple words and examples.

Various authors from different colleges presented their researches at the conference in School of Management Sciences, Lucknow on diverse issues like, emotional intelligence, customer loyalty etc.

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